How much is an in-ground pool?
  • The good news is that there’s a quality in-ground pool for nearly any budget. Pool prices will vary widely depending on size, style & options. i.e. decking, fencing, covering, lighting, heating, auto cleaning. We pride ourselves in our high quality products & workmanship, not to be sacrificed in this very special & personal investment.
How long will our pool last?
  • You can be assured that the strength of steel remains unrivaled, whether building pools, bridges or skyscrapers. Our pool structure of heavy gauge steel with double commercial zinc coating, full box beam wall stiffeners and side flanges with a bolt interloc system and A-frame bracing with solid concrete total perimeter reinforcement in bar-none … the strongest, longest lasting pool on the market.
Can we take care of our pool afterwards?
  • With today’s liners, automatic vacuuming and filtration systems, you would be surprised how enjoyable it can be to watch your pool virtually clean itself. But again, the good news is, when in need of help, we are a phone call away to instant openings, weekly service and closings.
How long will it take to build our pool?
  • We like to give ourselves a window of two weeks to a month, of course, there are variables to take into consideration such as patio, decking & fencing options, which may take additional time.
What if our ground isn’t level or we have rock or wet ground?
  • No problem … we have built pools on all sorts of terrain, including solid rock & shale or swampland. With proper excavation & drainage, you need not worry, we can handle it.